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Dry Skin In Babies

For new mothers, dry skin in babies can be frustrating. Navigating the different changes of a newborn baby is often overwhelming. The last thing mothers want to deal with is dry skin but it happens more often than not. Should you be worried when you baby has dry skin? What can you do to offset its occurrence?

Before we jump into it, dry skin in babies is normal to a large extent. Babies usually need time to adjust to life outside the womb. Other times too, they may be reacting to skin care products, new clothes, allergens or a wide range of other environmental factors. Do not panic if your baby has dry skin. Do these rather.


Give your baby a lot of fluids. If the baby is still breastfeeding or on formula (for the first 6 months), keep giving baby any of these fluids regularly. If baby is 6 months old and above, give him/her a lot of water or foods which help with hydration.

Reduce bath time and frequency

Bathing for longer periods or too often especially in babies can dry up their skin. You can reduce the bath times from 7 days a week to 2-3 days a week. Limit the number of minutes the baby is kept in the tub during bath times. A quick 5 minute bath is enough.

Lukewarm water is better

There's this fear of using cold water to bath baby. Sometimes, we get carried away and use very hot water to either bath or massage the baby. Go in for lukewarm water rather. If the water is too hot for you, chances are that it'll be too hot for the baby.

Choose your skincare products well

This is always tricky. When choosing skincare products, go in for products which seal in moisture. Shea Butter is known to do just that. Most importantly, go in for products which work best for the skin type of your baby. Avoid products with alcohol in them or alcohol-based skincare products. 

In all of this, it is important to remain calm. Don't panic and do not under any circumstance keep changing the skincare products of your baby every other day. It'll make it impossible to know which products are doing more harm and which ones are working. One step at a time.

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