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Kaydua is a luxury lifestyle brand that creates quality high-end cosmetics and complementary accessories using key ingredients and resources sourced from Ghana and the rest of Africa.

We create luxury in Africa, for the world. Our cosmetic creations are borne from the abundant natural resources found in Africa including shea seeds, coconut oil, argan oil, moringa plant, and many more.

We are committed to working with and building our local community and hence only source our raw unrefined Shea Butter and African Black Soap from women’s co-ops in Northern Ghana. Thereby assisting in providing income to these women-only group.

We work together with local designers and artisans to create our unique complementary bath and body accessories in order to create employment and livelihoods for our communities.

We pledge to be a sustainable brand. We use only sustainable resources and we re-use and recycle our packaging. 

We entreat you to come on this journey with us, as we show the world a few of the little luxuries Africa has to offer!

Read more about what our logo and brand name (Kaydua) means here.


Our Promise

We do not add any unnecessary fillers and chemicals to our products. Be rest assured your products are as close to nature as possible. We offer only quality authentic ingredients that have proved effective for centuries.

No Artificial colors

No Mineral Oil 

No Parabens 

No Sulfates

No Petrolatum

No Gluten

Ethically Sourced

Not tested on animals