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Where does the Kaydua name and logo come from?

I am Sharon Acheampong, founder of the Kaydua Luxury Living Brand.

Kaydua is a luxury lifestyle brand that creates quality high-end cosmetics and complementary accessories using key ingredients and resources sourced from Ghana and the rest of Africa.

We create luxury in Africa, for the world. Our cosmetic creations are borne from the abundant natural resources found in Africa including shea seeds, coconut oil, argan oil, moringa plant, and many more.

I founded Kaydua Luxury Living because I wanted to share the luxurious African ingredients and beauty rituals from my home with the world. Home for me is Ghana, in West Africa. However, my actual hometown is in the Eastern part of Ghana - this is where I would find my ancestors if I were to go several decades back - a town called Koforidua. Koforidua is affectionately shortened as K’dua, pronounced kay-duya.  So, this is where the brand name came from. “Kaydua” is Koforidua, my beloved home.


The Logo:

Staying true to my goal of showcasing the luxuries from my home, I wanted the logo to also represent my country. Many Ghanaians (and some non-Ghanaians who are familiar with Ghanaian folklore) may feel that the Kaydua logo looks familiar. They are right and wrong at the same time! This is because the Kaydua logo is inspired by the Adinkra symbols of Ghana, and it is reminiscent of one, however it is not one.


Originally created by the Gyaman people of Ghana, Adinkra symbols convey messages of African traditional wisdom, life’s lessons, or the environment. There are many different Adinkra symbols with distinct meanings which are often laced with African proverbs.


Although I adore and deeply respect the Adinkra symbols, and was inspired by them, I still wanted to stay original and be innovative. Inspired by the Adinkra symbols we created the Kaydua logo which is the “K” in Kaydua.


As we embark on this journey together, I hope Kaydua comes to mean something to you as much as it means to me. When you think of Kaydua, I would want you to experience African luxury, think of mother earth, feel celebrated as a part of our community, and to always feel beautiful.


Love Always,




  • Anonymous

    Kaydua is a brand I can vouch for. It’s amazing. I love everything about it, from production to packaging. Whoever owns Kaydua is truly an exceptional person.

  • Joyce Danquah

    Great work Sharon. Soar higher

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