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Facial Serums, Are They Necessary?

It can get confusing the kind of skin care products to use especially when you're a beginner. Even for veteran skin care gurus, knowing the types of products to use can get a tad confusing. By now, you must have heard of facial serums and the need to incorporate them in your skin care routine. What are they and do you need them?

What are facial serums?

Facial serums are oil-based skincare products with a higher concentration of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and Vitamin C. They're mostly lightweight skin products compared to the regular moisturizer. Facial serums target specific skin care issues such as acne scars, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, anti-ageing among others.

Types of facial serums

There are different types of facial serums targeting specific skin care issues. The common ones include:

  • Anti-ageing serums
  • Skin brightening serums
  • Acne fighting serums
  • Exfoliating facial serums
  • Hydrating facial serums
  • Repair-based facial serums

Benefits of facial serums

The benefits of facial serums are many and include the following;

 Hydrates skin

One of the many benefits of facial serums is its hydrating effect. The active ingredients in the facial serum makes it ideal for moisturizing. Using it in the morning keeps the skin moisturized all-day. It is best practice to use facial serums before applying a facial moisturizer to lock in the moisture. 

Removes blemishes

Struggling with blemishes? Using facial serums consistently with the facial set helps in fading blemishes including acne spots, pigmentation, dark scars and many others. 

Refine pores

Using facial serums helps in keeping the pores clean and oil-free and in effect minimize their appearance. This helps in keeping the skin's texture refined.

Reduces signs of fatigue

If you had a late night, feel dull and tired, using a facial serum would help to improve the skin's appearance. It helps promote the regeneration of cells whilst repairing them. This makes the skin look radiant.

Anti-ageing benefits

Fine lines and wrinkles significantly reduce when using facial serums. Not only do they reduce its appearance but they help in preventing the formation of new ones. For best results, use consistently.

Nourishes skin

The anti-inflammatory ingredients present in facial serums makes it ideal to soothe and nourish skin especially acne-prone skin. Using it consistently every morning and evening helps. 

If you haven't started using facial serums yet, you're missing out. For further skin consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Instagram or via +233 596 050 073. 

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