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On Your Masks...

Forget about being extra, facial masks are a necessity and not a luxury. If you're particular about preventing acne formation and fading dark blemishes, you will love the Facial Masks from Kaydua Luxury.

These Facial Masks are made up predominantly of Bentonite Clay which has been used for ages  by different cultures around the world. This type of clay is known to 

  • Decongest the skin
  • Dry out acne of all types
  • Destroy bacteria
  • Heal the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of pores

The Bentonite Clay Facial Masks from Kaydua Luxury are available in 3 variants;

Activated Charcoal

Generally, activated charcoal improves the health, texture and appearance of the skin. It goes a step further to remove dirt and impurities lodged in the pores of the skin. If you're looking for a mask to help get rid of acne, activated charcoal is your pick.


The hibiscus powerhouse is known to hydrate and tighten whilst exfoliating the skin. Regular use of the hibiscus variant leaves the skin refreshed and supple with a youthful appearance and/or complexion.


Coffee has been used for ages in skincare. This variant of the facial masks not only exfoliates the skin but protects it as well. This prevents the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin. As an added benefit, coffee helps in reducing the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.

How to use the facial masks

Using the mask is pretty simple

  • Take about 1 tablespoon of powdered mask into a plastic bowl and reseal the bag.
  • Stir in 2-3 tablespoons of desired liquid to form a paste.
  • Apply onto skin with clean fingertips or mask brush after exfoliating.
  • Avoid the eye area.
  • Leave on for 10-30 minutes.
  • Use a warm washcloth to wipe off or rinse with warm water.

Use plastic or wooden utensils to mix the mask. Please do not use any metals to scoop or mix the paste. You may mix with any liquid of your choice such as water, milk, yogurt, honey, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, aloe vera juice, rose water, etc.

A facial mask done at least once every week will go a long way to improve the health of your skin. For further consultation on skin care, please do not hesitate to contact Kaydua Luxury on +233 596 050 073 or @kaydualuxury via Facebook and Instagram.

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