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The Different Variants of the African Black Soap in Jar

African Black Soap, handmade from plant-based ingredients, is great for skin care. It's known to treat hyperpigmentation, eczema, acne, stretchmarks and other skin conditions. It has antibacterial properties and can be used on all skin types. This is why you should include it as part of your skin care regimen. 

As part of the Kaydua Luxury family, the African Black Soap in Jar comes in 6 variants

Berga Mint

Apart from it being sweet scented, the Berga-Mint African Black Soap helps unclog pores and balance sebum levels. Having anti-inflammatory properties means that it fights against pimples and acne. To top it up, it also helps clear blemishes from your skin. If you're looking for something to help clear scars, then this is your best bet.


The Original is all-natural African Black soap enriched with natural oils which gently cleanses leaving the face and skin feeling and looking moisturized, supple and even. 

Spiced Vanilla

The Spiced Vanilla has a soft and sweet fragrance which leaves you smelling so good. It is also rich in antioxidants which slows down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. The presence of B-Vitamins in this variant also helps keep the skin healthier. 

Zesty Citrus

 If you're looking for something to bring out your natural colour, then go in for the Zesty Citrus variant. You shine bright when using this variant and it tightens the pores as well. I bet you didn't know that.

Ghana Chocolate

Who doesn't love chocolate? The Ghana Chocolate variant has a moisturizing effect on the skin. If you have dry skin, then go in for this variant. With cocoa being one of the ingredients, the Ghana Chocolate variant has anti-inflammatory properties which is ideal for treating acne or any skin inflammation you may experience.


Lemongrass has a cooling effect which makes it ideal to use especially when it is very warm. When used to shower, it helps calm the nerves and does away with stress, anxiety or fatigue.

If you haven't done so already, then this is the time to grab some variants of our African Black Soap. In case of further skin consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Instagram or via +233 596 050 073.

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