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Acne Prone Skin? These Tips Will Help

At one point or the other, we've had to deal with acne. As an every day occurrence, dealing with acne can get tedious and sometimes frustrating although this is the time for lots of patience. If you're struggling with acne, these tips outlined below will be of great help.

Do not scrub facial skin

There's often this temptation to scrub the face (especially with the hard sponge) during bath times. If you have oily skin, you might be making things worse. Scrubbing the face might trigger the production of more sebum or facial oil which could contribute to the formation of more acne. Instead, use a facial sponge to gently wash face.

Clean face twice daily

There's no compromise when it comes to this. Clean you face every morning and evening using a Cleanser and/or Facial Soap depending on how sensitive your skin is. This is to ensure that all deposits of dirt particles or acne-causing bacteria is cleared from the face.


You must be tired of the word by now. Exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week goes a long way to help in keeping the pores clean. Although there are different ways of exfoliating, physical exfoliation using Face and Body Scrubs is very common.  

Cut down on sugar and high-cholesterol foods

This includes sugary drinks and foods such as soda, doughnuts, fried foods and the likes. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Be conscious about it.

Stop popping pimples

Aside causing inflammation to the site of the pimple, you're likely to cause scarring and the formation of more pimples. Allow your skin to heal itself. Stop popping pimples and stop touching your face so much. The hands picks up a lot of dirt and bacteria. You're inadvertently transferring that unto your face leading to the formation of more acne. 

Choose your products well

If your skin is acne prone, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to choose your products carefully. Go in for products which are gentle on your skin. You can opt for the Facial Set or Acne-Prone and Oily Skin Set from Kaydua Luxury. They're gentle and help in reducing the formation and spread of acne. Choosing your products also means not jumping on to every new product on the market. This practice might worsen the formation of acne.

Stressing over acne can make it worse. Instead, relax, drink a lot of water, eat healthy and take care of your face.  For further consultation on skin care, please do not hesitate to contact Kaydua Luxury on +233 596 050 073 or @kaydualuxury via Facebook and Instagram.

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