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Body Oils - Greasy or Moisturizing?

There's a general misconception that body oils are only for massages. Others also have the notion that they make the body very greasy instead of having the moisturizing effect. In this blog post, we address these issues to put your mind at ease.

Generally, body oils are absorbed into the skin faster. This in turn moisturizes your skin, leaves it glowy and strengthens the skin's barrier. The good thing about body oils is that they are suitable for all body types. The antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and a mix of essential oils found in good body oils helps promote smooth and healthier skin.  What else are body oils good for?

Locks in moisture

Contrary to popular beliefs, body oils lock in moisture as against just sitting on the surface of the skin. The natural oils found in Body Oils like the Kaydua Shea Body Oil are similar to the oils the body produces, making it a great emollient whilst helping to hydrate your skin for a longer time. 

Heals dry skin

Although body oils are suitable for all skin types, they are particularly formulated to help heal dry skin. This is because they penetrate the skin and lock in moisture. To enjoy the maximum benefits of body oils, it is advisable to use them right after taking a bath or a shower when your skin is still a little damp.

A little bit goes a long way

In using body oils, do not overly apply to your skin. Just a little bit of oil is enough to moisturize your skin from head to toe. Applying too much oil might give the greasy feel. 

When choosing oils for your skin, go in for Kaydua Luxury Body Oils which moisturizes your skin without making it greasy. There are 6 different variants to go in for, which do a great job at nourishing, smoothening and softening your skin.

Berga-mint is suitable for all but mostly preferred by men due to its masculine smell. Ghana Chocolate leaves you feeling and smelling like chocolate whilst Spiced Vanilla gives you that sweet feminine smell. Lemongrass has a gentle relaxing effect and Zesty Citrus gives you a natural glow. The Original is unscented and does a good job at keeping you moisturized all day. To enjoy the benefits of these oils, use daily as a moisturizer.

For further consultation on skin care, please do not hesitate to contact Kaydua Luxury on +233 596 050 073 or @kaydualuxury via Facebook and Instagram

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