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Caring for Combination Skin Type

Knowing our skin type could be a herculean task if you don't know what to look out for, but it doesn't have to be. Although, we all have unique skin types there are certain tell-tale signs which make us more likely to have normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin.

As the name suggests, combination skin type is just having more than one of these different skin types. This means you could have patches of normal, dry, oily or sensitive skin on your face.

Some tell-tale signs of combination skin include oily T-zone (chin, nose and forehead areas), large pores, shiny skin and blackheads. As a lot of skincare products are formulated for particular skin types, taking care of combination skin might seem a bit tricky. These bag of tricks would help in making it easier.

Blot your T-zone Often

You're likely to produce more oil on your T-zone than other parts of your face. Keep blotting papers or tissue handy in your bag and blot away any excess oil on your face throughout the day. Just a little dab here and there would do. Do not apply too much pressure on your T-zone. If you wear make-up often, blotting papers are best as it keeps your make-up intact even after use.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

This isn't exclusive to only combination skin. Harsh cleansers do more harm than good to the skin. For combination skin, cleanse both in the morning and evening. If you wear make-up often, cleanse twice at night, tone and moisturize your skin after. 

Moisturize Often

Having combination skin isn't an excuse to stop moisturizing especially if you have an oily T-zone. Moisturize often using lightweight lotions which do not weigh down the face. 

Exfoliating is a Must

You can't escape from exfoliating frequently. Not only does it help unclog your pores and gets rid of dead skin cells, but it also helps in absorbing excess oil on the T-zone and other parts of your face. The Ghana Chocolate Face and Body Scrub from Kaydua Luxury does a good job at moisturizing your face whilst exfoliating.

Try DIY Face Masks

DIY face masks are great for the skin. It gives you the opportunity to experiment with different ingredients and settle on what works best for you. Honey, avocado and oats mask hydrates dry patches on your face for example. Egg whites and lemons are great for tightening pores or our very own Aloe Vera to fight acne whilst moisturizing.

Don't get frustrated with your skincare routine. Good things take time. For further consultation on skin care, please do not hesitate to contact Kaydua Luxury on +233 596 050 073 or @kaydualuxury via Facebook and Instagram  



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