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It's Time to Cleanse Your Face

If cleansing has not been part of your skin care regimen, you are definitely missing a key step. For a healthier and fresher look, cleansing each day is the way to go. Here are some reasons why.

It removes dirt and other build up

Have you ever put on sunglasses and after a few hours realize the dust particles which have settled on there? Now imagine the dirt that settles on your face every single day. This is why it is important to cleanse your face every morning and evening to rid your pores of any build up.

It keeps your skin hydrated

Dehydrated skin is rough and looks aged and wrinkled. Cleansing your face provides moisture to your skin which makes it hydrated, healthier and fresher. Applying a moisturizer after cleansing, seals in the moisture for longer lasting healthier skin.

Decreases the formation of acne

Acne is caused by an accumulation of oil and dirt on the face which blocks the pores of the skin. Regular cleansing of the face helps clear the skin pores of all impurities thus reducing the formation of acne or a breakout.

Easy penetration of facial products

Regular cleansing also makes it much easier for facial products to penetrate the skin, making them more effective. The skin gets a different outlook and prevents the production of excess oils.

After cleansing your face, you can use a toner and or a moisturizer. Always remember to take off your makeup before going to bed no matter how little you used. Save your skin the stress of dealing with a breakout.

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