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Let's Spice It Up with the Spicy Vanilla Range

Everybody loves vanilla, right? What's not to love? It smells heavenly. But did you know that vanilla has some amazing benefits when used for the skin?

Vanilla has anti-bacterial properties which is essential in the treatment of acne. It also has B-vitamins like niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. All these help in the maintenance of healthy skin. Vanilla also has antioxidant properties which helps to protect your skin from damage caused by toxins and pollutants in the environment.

This is why Kaydua Luxury has formulated the Skin Care Essentials Set predominantly made up of Spiced Vanilla variants to take care of your skin. What does this set contain?

Black Soap Body Wash

The Spiced Vanilla Black Soap Body Wash thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes the skin. It helps clear eczema, acne and psoriasis, fades skin discolorations and evens skin texture and tone.

Shea Body Butter

The richness of pure unrefined shea butter is whipped with nutrient-rich oils to create the Spiced Vanilla Shea Butter that aids in easy absorption for smooth, soft and healthy skin. It also heals and protects the skin. Oh did we forget to add how heavenly it smells? 

Moisturizing Body Lotion

This luxurious Body Lotion is enriched with pure unrefined Shea butter packed with omega 6 acids to moisturize your skin daily. Using it leaves your skin moisturized, soft and smooth.

Shea Body Oil

All the benefits of shea butter but in oil form, say hello to our shea-based body oil. This is a nourishing daily body oil and more. Anyone up for a massage? Or just a sensual rub for a hearty sleep? The Spiced Vanilla Shea Body Oil is your go to body oil. It's a blend of carefully selected natural oils to nourish, smoothen and soften your skin.

Shea Butter Bar Soap

The Shea Butter Bar Soap contains saponified oils of shea butter, sunflower, coconut, essential oils and others to gently cleanse and leave face and skin feeling and looking moisturized, supple and even. If you're having a hard time with acne, using the shea butter bar soap on your face helps get rid of them. 

Face & Body Scrub

Unclogging pores for an even skin tone is effortless with the Face and Body Scrub. The natural oils nourish and moisturize the skin. If you're looking for a natural exfoliator, look no further. This is it.

Facial Clay Mask

Back in the day, we used to play with clay. Now, this all-natural Bentonite Clay is a soothing ingredient that reduces both inflammation and irritation. For a healthy complexion, improved complexion, doing away with age spots and wrinkles and for getting rid of toxins, bacteria and dirt, the Facial Clay Mask does it best. It is advisable to use it once or twice weekly for its full benefits. 

Facial Cleanser

Washing off make-up with soap and water is a thing of the past. With this Facial Cleanser, you can easily remove traces of oils, dirt and make-up to help unclog your pores for acne-free skin. Isn't that amazing? 

Facial Moisturizer

This Facial Moisturizer is specially formulated to be light and packed with Aloe Vera gel, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils as well as Vitamin E oil to moisturize your skin daily. 

This Spicy Vanilla range is a must-have. Try it out and let your skin speak.

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