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The Christmas Packages You Don't Want To Miss

Christmas! Ah the smell of Christmas is finally here. It's that time of year again when we join family to celebrate and gift items as a way of saying thank you. Indeed 2020 has been difficult for everyone so if there's a way to make someone smile, why not? This is why we have introduced 3 Gift Sets just for you

Mini Gift Set

This is very gentle on the pocket. For a cool 100 cedis only, you get to enjoy the goodness of the Black Soap Body Wash (100ml), Moisturizing Body Lotion (100ml), Shea Body Oil (100ml), Shea Butter Bar Soap, Kaydua Face Towel, Kaydua Fabric Bag and a sponge. 

Super Gift Set

Just like the name suggests, the items in this gift package are super. Aside getting the Kaydua Face Towel and Sponge, you also get the Black Soap Body Wash (250ml), Moisturizing Body Lotion (250ml) and Shea Body Oil (250ml) packaged neatly in a wooden crate for your convenience for just 170 cedis. 

Deluxe Gift Set

Get ready to be wowed with the Deluxe Gift Set. The different items have been specially selected to take care of all your skin care needs. This includes the Black Soap Body Wash (250ml), Shea Body Butter (200g), Moisturizing Body Lotion (250ml), Shea Body Oil (250ml), Shea Butter Bar Soap, Face and Body Scrub (200g), Facial Clay Mask (150g), Facial Cleanser (100ml), Facial Moisturizer (100ml), Kaydua Face Towel and sponge beautifully arranged in a wooden crate. Guess what! The Deluxe Gift Set is only 330 cedis for all these goodies.

How do you get to purchase these gift sets? They are available at

  • The Eya Shop, Spintex - Two buildings behind Baatsona Ecobank (‪+233 596 050 073‬)
  • The Eya Salon, North Kaneshie - Opposite St. Theresa’s School (‪+233 55 227 7854‬)
  • The Eya Salon, Spintex - Behind Kingdom Bookshop, off the spintex road (+233 27 500 0009)‬
  • Direct messaging on Facebook or Instagram or via +233 596 050 073
You can choose the type of variants you want for each product. You can also decide to go in for a custom made gift set. We are at your service. Celebrate Christmas in style. Celebrate Christmas with Kaydua Luxury.


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