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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Myth - The perfect Valentine's Day gift doesn't exist. Fact - it does exist! Allow us to introduce you to the Kaydua Luxury Valentine Gift Box. Before you roll your eyes, just take a closer look at the contents of the gift box.

Customized Kaydua Luxury Box

Not only is the Kaydua luxury box customized with the Kaydua logo, but it's also adorned with a black ribbon to give it that luxury feel. After emptying the contents, you could definitely use it as a jewelry box, safe box for your journals or a container for all your future Kaydua purchases.

Black Soap Body Wash

Even your skin tone and fade discolorations with the time-honored African Black Soap. It cleanses gently and helps get rid of a multitude of skin issues including eczema, acne and psoriasis. Just a little goes a long way. A relaxing bath with a glass of wine is in the foreseeable future with our Black Soap Body Wash.

Facial Cleanser

In a hurry to head out for that lovely date? A dab of the facial cleanser in a facial cotton ball helps remove any makeup with ease. Or perhaps you just want to rid your pores of any traces of oil or dirt. Look no further. 


Shea Butter Bar Soap

The bar soap everyone is talking about. Acne, acne scars and dark spots do not stand a chance with the Shea Butter Bar Soap from Kaydua Luxury. The great thing is you can choose from so many variants - Ghana chocolate+mint, Turmeric, Cinnamon+honey, Exfoliating Coffee, Sensitive Skin, Charcoal and Moringa. Spoilt for choice yet? 

Facial Moisturizer

Good things come in small sizes. The 100ml Facial Moisturizer is definitely one of them. It is enriched with Aloe Vera gel, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils as well as Vitamin E oil to moisturize your skin daily. It is everything and more you need to properly moisturize your face. Makeup sits beautifully on it as well. 

Face and Body Scrub

This is a facial treatment in a gift box. Period! Did anyone say dull skin? That will be a thing of the past with this Face and Body Scrub. As a natural exfoliator, it comes as pure cane sugar crystals containing glycolic acid to diminish roughness and unclog pores to reveal an even skin tone. The variants to choose from are equally exciting; Coffee for extra exfoliating, Moringa for brightening and anti-aging, Activated Charcoal purifies, Ghana Chocolate is moisturizing and Hibiscus is Anti-aging and moisturizes as well. 

Shea Body Lotion

There are lotions and there are LOTIONS. This is The Lotion. It's not just hype, it's the truth. This luxurious body lotion is enriched with pure unrefined Shea butter packed with omega 6 acids to moisturize your skin daily leaving it moisturized, soft and smooth. And oh, the variants to choose from are Zesty citrus, Berga-mint, Ghana chocolate, Lemongrass, Original and Spiced Vanilla. 

Facial Mask

This is the mask! Why do we say this? Using it weekly helps maintain a healthy complexion, rids your face of toxins, bacteria and dirt, improves complexion whilst clearing acne and fights fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. Kaydua Luxury doesn't just formulate one but three variants of our Bentonite Clay Mask in Charcoal, Hibiscus and Coffee. 100% natural. 


Shea Body Butter

This must be any shea butter, right? Wrong! This is pure unrefined shea butter whipped with nutrient-rich oils to aid in easy absorption. This Shea Body Butter doesn't just sit on your skin but penetrates and works its magic giving you silky smooth skin. Plus you can use it from H2T (head to toe). The personal favourite is Ghana Chocolate, but you might like the Berga-mint, Zesty citrus, Spiced vanilla, Original or Lemongrass. 


Shea Body Oil

What's better than a Valentine's Day massage? An everyday massage perhaps or maybe an everyday body oil to moisturize your skin without leaving it greasy.  This Shea Body Oil is a blend of natural oils specially formulated to nourish, smoothen and soften your skin in 6 different variants. Just make a pick and enjoy healthy skin.

Kingsbite Chocolate

Ladies and gentlemen, my chocolate, your chocolate, our chocolate! Kingsbite chocolate needs no introduction. Made with the finest cocoa, Kingsbite is a delight to the palette. Made in Ghana all the way.

Mensdo Premium Bissap Drink

Because who doesn't need fine bissap drink in his or her life? We all do. The Mensdo Premium  Bissap Drink goes easily with all kinds of food and pastries and would definitely go down well with the Valentine's evening dinner. 

Valentine's day sure is special. Make it extra special by gifting the Kaydua Luxury Gift Box to your loved ones or to yourself. Self love is equally important too. For further consultation on skin care, please do not hesitate to contact Kaydua Luxury on +233 596 050 073 or @kaydualuxury via Facebook and Instagram  



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