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Bad shower habits to leave behind

Is there a thing as bad shower practices? Well yeah! There are some things we could be doing in the shower which do not work for our skin. Interested in finding out more? Journey with us

You stay too long in the shower

You would think this is a good sign that you're taking a good shower. On the contrary, this could lead to dry and itchy skin. Ideally, a 5 minute show (especially if it's a hot shower) is all you need. 

Your products contain harmful ingredients

It's always a good idea to choose products which do not contain sulfates. Unfortunately, sulfates strip the skin off its natural oils and proteins which could lead to skin irritation and dryness. All Kaydua Luxury products are formulated with no sulfates and parabens and are very gentle on the skin.

Don't replace your scrub with a sponge

The temptation to let go off your Face and Body Scrub and rather use your sponge to scrub your face is high sometimes. Don't do that though. The Face and Body Scrub is specially formulated to cleanse your pores and rid it of any hidden particles which your sponge cannot do. 

You moisturize a tad too late

The ideal thing to do is to moisturize your skin whilst it is still a bit damp. That means right after toweling, apply your moisturizer. It helps with easy absorption of the moisturizer into your skin for its maximum benefits. 

Leaving residue of lather on skin

Sometimes, we miss some spots when rinsing off lather from our bodies. It's happened to almost all of us. It's in our best interest to rinse off properly so we don't suffer from itchiness a few hours later.

Hopefully we would try to do away with these mistakes when taking care of our skin. In case of further skin consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Instagram or via +233 596 050 073.

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