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Caring For Oily Skin

Having oily skin in itself isn't a bad thing. It only becomes a problem when there's too much of it and you're doing nothing about it. Before we get into the substance of the matter, let's cover some basics.

The skin needs natural oils to stay healthy. This is why the sebaceous glands of the skin produces an oily and waxy substance known as sebum. Sebum protects, moisturizes and coats the skin and is essential for healthy skin. What we normally refer to as natural oils on the skin is actually sebum. 

You're producing sebum in excess if you have 'oily' skin. This excess oil when left unattended picks up sweat, dead skin cells, impurities, etc which could then develop into acne and cause problems. There are a few things you need to do differently if you have oily skin.

Wash your face regularly

Let's start with a simple step. Wash your face regularly or at least twice a day ie morning and evening. Opt for mild soaps  with little to no fragrance like the Activated Charcoal Shea Butter Soap by Kaydua Luxury. Instead of using room temperature water, go in for warm water and avoid using washcloths as well. Gently wash your face with your fingers. Using a washcloth or face towel might stimulate the production of more sebum. Pat dry after washing and follow it up with a mild moisturizer.

Add blotting papers to your regimen

Blotting papers are absorbent in nature. They help in removing excess oil from the face when used. Blotting paper in itself doesn't prevent or solve the issue of oily skin. In essence, they only help remove excess oil the skin produces. Whenever you feel a bit of oil on your face, attach a blotting paper to your face to lift the excess oils.

Say yes to facial masks!

Not a fan on facial masks? You're missing out. Facial masks, especially clay facial masks, when used at least once a week helps in absorbing excess oil from your face. This is great news if you have an oily face. Spice things up with the 3 variants of the Bentonite Clay Mask from Kaydua Luxury - Hibiscus, Activated Charcoal and Coffee. Always apply a moisturizer after use.

Choose the right products

Oily skin is also acne-prone. Choosing skincare products specifically formulated for oily skin will save you from so much stress. The Acne-Prone / Oily Skin Care Set from Kaydua Luxury is the holy grail. The set is made up of 9 great products which work together to control the production of sebum whilst keeping your skin healthier and younger. 

 As it is with any good thing, consistency is key. The best thing you can do for your skin is to have a consistent skincare routine you can stand by. Don't relent if it doesn't seem to be yielding results. It could take weeks, sometimes months before you start seeing any visible results. Don't give up. 

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