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Common Skin Care Mistakes You're Making

When it comes to skin care, every little thing you do matters especially when you have sensitive skin. Tweaking a few things in your skin care regimen could make a huge difference. 

Leaving your face bare for more than a minute after cleansing - could do more damage than you could imagine. The skin becomes dry after a minute. Any moisturizer applied is likely to sit on your face instead of penetrating the skin. Moisturize your skin when it's a bit damp or moist for maximum benefits. 

Too much exfoliating

Yes, there's something like exfoliating too much or too often. Generally, exfoliating two to three times a week is ideal. Anything above that leaves your skin dehydrated, flaking with inflammation and possible hyperpigmentation. 

Not washing your face enough after taking off makeup

When makeup is applied, it penetrates the pores of the skin. After taking it off, wash your face at least twice before applying your moisturizer. Washing your face only once is unfortunately not enough. Use soaps that are gentle on your face such as the African Black Soap from Kaydua Luxury. 

Don't forget your neck and chest

Honestly, a lot of us forget to take care of the neck and chest as much as we do to the face. It happens to all of us. Endeavour to take care of your neck and chest too. That is unless you want a flawless face and patched up neck and chest. No one wants that.  

Everyday is a learning experience when it comes to skincare. Don't forget to drink a lot of water, exercise regularly and apply sunscreen when going out.

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