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Popping Blackheads and Whiteheads

There are a couple of videos out there with people popping blackheads and whiteheads. Before you think of doing same, don't! We know it looks a bit therapeutic to watch. For others, it might look yucky. Oftentimes, we cannot overcome the temptation of popping blackheads and whiteheads. We just want them out of the way but we might be doing more harm than good. Popping them exposes us to so many other skin problems which are difficult to deal with.


Popping blackheads and whiteheads leads to inflammation of the site. More often, after popping the pimple, the site becomes bigger than usual. It is often accompanied with a little bit of swelling and pain. You could even aggravate the problem with the formation of smaller pimples around the site or the formation of an even bigger pimple. Stop doing this to your skin.


Popping pimples often leaves the site a little bit darker than the rest of the face. Although hyperpigmentation is harmless, the inconsistency in the skin tone causes discomfort to a lot of people. The irony is that we pop pimples in the hope of making our skin look and feel better but we end up doing the exact opposite.

Dark spots

The scarring left after popping a pimple leaves dark spots which is difficult to clear. If you've ever dealt with clearing dark spots, you know the struggle. Don't put yourself through that stress. Stop popping pimples. 

Instead of popping blackheads and whiteheads, you could do these rather

Acne spot treatment

Acne spot treatments are safer to do with often little to no side effects. Home remedies such as Apple Cider Vinegar or Aloe Vera could be used to spot-treat acne. Aside this, medications such as sulfur or benzoyl peroxide could be used. These could be purchased from any local pharmacy.

Visit a dermatologist

The safest route is to visit a dermatologist. With their expert knowledge of skin issues, they'll be able to extract the pimple better and safely with little to no side effects. 

Who knew something as simple as popping a pimple could be so complicated? For further consultation on skin care, please do not hesitate to contact Kaydua Luxury on +233 596 050 073 or @kaydualuxury via Facebook and Instagram. 


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