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Protecting Your Skin During the Dry Season

Ah the harmattan! It's finally here with us in full force. One thing we cannot lose sight of is how to protect our skin considering how dry the weather is now. Find below some very simple things you can do during the harmattan to protect your skin from any damage.

Don't take too long in the shower

Some people will be happy with this! We're not saying don't bath well, far from that. All we're saying is, keep your bath times short and precise. Staying in the shower for too long has the propensity of stripping your skin off its natural oils. 

Exfoliation should become part of you

Considering how dry the weather is and how likely it is for your skin to become dry and peel off, exfoliating regularly is the way to go. Doing so two to three times a week will clear any dead skin cells on your face and body.

Moisturize your skin always

This is where shea butter plays a key role. Moisturize your skin immediately after you leave the bathroom or when your skin is still damp. Use moisturizing creams such as shea butter or coconut oil. Make sure you moisturize from your head to your toe. Leave no room for the harmattan.

Drink a lot of water

Aside you feeling the urge to drink water, make it a point to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day during this period. Water generally helps clear toxins from our body giving our skin a healthier look. 

Have a hand lotion on you always

In this era of COVID-19, you'll be washing your  hands a lot. Don't leave your hands un-moisturized after washing or sanitizing. Keep a hand lotion in your purse and use immediately after washing your hands. 

The harmattan could do a lot of damage to your skin if care is not taken. We hope these tips will help with your skin care regimen.

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