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How To Develop A Regimen

Let's be honest. We all want healthy and beautiful skin, but our major problem is developing a regimen we can be consistent with. There's no easy way of overcoming that. However, we provide some tips on how to develop a regimen especially for facial care.

Choose an appropriate time which fits in your schedule

As simple as this sounds, it helps a lot. Choose a time you're comfortable with. It might be just after waking up or during your bath time. Whatever the case, make sure it suits you.

Choose products you absolutely love

It'll make it easier to have something to look forward to. True? Kaydua Luxury products have that effect. Plus decide on the order you'll be using the products per the recommendation of the manufacturer. For eg. it's advisable to use a facial moisturizer when the face is still a bit damp followed by body oil for some added luxury.  

Choose products that work

Who doesn't love seeing progress? We do at least. Once you start seeing the outcome or progress made from using the products, it'll make it easier to continue using the products. The Facial Set from Kaydua Luxury has been doing wonders for loads of people and the progress always speaks volumes. 

Don't be harsh on yourself

So you skip a day or two, who cares? Actually, we do, but shake it off and continue where you left off. The most important thing is to keep going and be consistent.

Get yourself a regimen buddy

Someone to have fun with on this all important self care journey. You can serve as a talking reminder to each other and have fun with it. Maybe read a book and share pointers whilst the facial mask is on.

Document the process

Take loads of photos and videos. That way, you'll be able to easily track the progress you've made. Plus it'll be something fun to do. 

Unlike popular beliefs, taking care of your skin doesn't need to be tedious and boring. Try these tips and adjust them to what works for you. 

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