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Pregnant? Brace Yourself For These Changes

You're pregnant! Congratulations. Your body is undergoing a lot of changes. Your skin is not left out. The 'raging' hormonal changes is one of the main contributory factors to these changes. There's nothing to worry about. A lot of these changes revert during post-partum. There are others which need a bit more care. Here are some skin care conditions likely to show up during pregnancy. Hyperpigmentation The darkening of some parts of the body, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, occurs during pregnancy due to increased melanin production. For most pregnant women, this shows up as the linea nigra or pregnancy line on the abdomen. Other parts likely to experience this include the areola, nipples, neck, face and genital area. The up side...

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Is Your Skin Purging or Are You Breaking Out?

Purging! It sounds scary but is it? Purging, more often than not, occurs when your skin reacts to or has a sudden acne flare up from using a new skin care product. Is this something you need to worry about?  Although it's nothing to worry about, a sudden acne flare up might be a bit irritating especially if you're looking at clearing existing acne. You might be tempted to do away with the new skin product but don't. This is just the beginning of something amazing. Why does it happen? Your skin might be getting rid of harmful toxins including dead skin cells, oil, dirt, bacteria, etc found under the surface of the skin. This occurs mostly after using chemical-based...

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How To Develop A Regimen

Let's be honest. We all want healthy and beautiful skin, but our major problem is developing a regimen we can be consistent with. There's no easy way of overcoming that. However, we provide some tips on how to develop a regimen especially for facial care.

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Treating Dark Spots on Black Skin

Dark spots on black skin usually occurs on the face, neck and sometimes chest areas. Most often, they come about as a result of an inflammation of the skin or from popping pimples or acne which leaves a scar. Others experience this due to hyper-pigmentation. Generally, dark spots are difficult to treat but they are still treatable. Here are some tips on how to treat them.

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