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Is Your Skin Purging or Are You Breaking Out?

Purging! It sounds scary but is it? Purging, more often than not, occurs when your skin reacts to or has a sudden acne flare up from using a new skin care product. Is this something you need to worry about? 

Although it's nothing to worry about, a sudden acne flare up might be a bit irritating especially if you're looking at clearing existing acne. You might be tempted to do away with the new skin product but don't. This is just the beginning of something amazing.

Why does it happen?

Your skin might be getting rid of harmful toxins including dead skin cells, oil, dirt, bacteria, etc found under the surface of the skin. This occurs mostly after using chemical-based exfoliators or anti-ageing skincare products. 


On the average, the skin regenerates after 28 days. However, using the exfoliator might help speed up the process thereby accumulating toxins under the surface of the skin leading to breakouts. There's no cause for alarm as purging is temporary. 

How do you prevent purging?

As uncomfortable as it might be, there's no known way of preventing purging. The process simply needs to happen to reveal healthier skin. What varies is how each person would react to using a new product. Some people would react badly whilst others won't react at all. There's no way of telling.

How do you tell the difference between purging and breakouts?

It might be difficult to tell the difference at first. This is where the temptation of stopping use comes in. All you have to do is wait it out.

Purging lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks before clearing unlike breakouts which take a longer time. During these few weeks, the acne developed is painful when touched and appear as whiteheads or blackheads. You might be tempted to pop them but please don't. You might end up leaving black scars all over your face.

One important thing to remember is that when your skin is purging, do not use any new skincare product besides the one which caused your skin to purge. You might exaggerate the process if you use another new product.  

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