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Unhealthy Skincare Practices You Need To Stop

Skin care can be very simple yet complicated. Although we just want our skin to be healthy, certain practices might prevent that from happening. It might not even be intentional. Today, we try to digest some skincare practices which might be damaging our skin.

Over cleansing

Do you feel itchy after cleansing? Or do you feel some kind of irritation right after cleansing? Does your face dry up immediately after you cleanse? You're probably over-cleansing. You might end up drying up your skin if such practice is continued. Rather, choose one type of cleanser and stick to it for sometime before gradually introducing the others if need be.

Using hot water to bath

This is a very popular one. Using hot water to bath has become so popular yet very detrimental to the skin. The skin produces sebum or what we usually term as natural oils for the skin. Using hot water clears the sebum leaving the skin very dry. In very rare and severe cases, you might develop a rash or cracks. Instead of using hot water, stick to lukewarm water. The sudden change might be uncomfortable but it is necessary to promote the health of your skin.

Same body towel for face

No, you're not being extra! You're promoting the health of your hair by choosing to have a face towel and a body towel. Facial skin is very sensitive compared to the rest of the body. It needs its own products and tools to enhance its health. Don't compromise on that.

Using sponge to scrub face

The temptation of scrubbing your face with your body sponge whilst bathing is so real. We understand the struggle but seriously, drop that sponge! Not only is the sponge not ideal but facial skin is too sensitive for that kind of manipulation. It requires very soft facial sponge or just the gentle touch of your fingers, not hands, fingers!

Using facial mask and scrub same time

If you particularly have sensitive skin, applying both facial mask and scrub on the same day can do so much damage. Your skin tends to stretch and wrinkle so fast plus you might even experience some irritation. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, the mask and scrub should be used on separate days. Ideally, use the scrub every 2-3 days and the mask once every week. That's all it takes. Overdoing it might cause other problems which might be difficult to treat.

Too many products all at once

Yes, we understand, You want flawless skin but sometimes using too many products might be the cause of your problems. There might be certain chemicals used in all these products which might not work well together. Ideally, use the same brand of products and as prescribed. 

Changing skincare products every other week

In skincare, consistency pays. Changing products every other week just because you 'think' a skincare product isn't working well or as you expected it to after a few days is not healthy. Skincare requires patience and consistency. For most people, it takes approximately 6 weeks before seeing results. It might be longer or shorter for others. At least, stick it out for 6 weeks before moving on to another set of products, if necessary.

Skincare requires a lot of experimentation. However, in as much as we try to experiment, avoiding these pitfalls will go a long way to improve the health of our skin. For further consultation on skin care, please do not hesitate to contact Kaydua Luxury on +233 596 050 073 or @kaydualuxury via Facebook and Instagram.

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