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The Essentials You Need For Your Face

With every passing day, our face is exposed to the harsh weather conditions and pollutants. It is therefore imperative that we protect and take care of it. You can start by having a routine and choosing the right products suitable for your skin type. 

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5 centuries-old African self care rituals that you should try right now

Africans have numerous excellent self care and beauty rituals that have been used on the continent for centuries that work wonders for the skin, hair and body. Below are some key rituals that have been passed down through generations all the way to ours. The best thing is that most of the items used for these care routines are simple, all-natural ingredients that are easy to come by. Read on to learn more about our luxurious rituals. Shea Butter for flawless skin - Shea butter’s origin can be traced all the way back to Cleopatra’s time in Egypt when the butter was stored in clay jars. It has been used in Western and Central Africa for centuries as a daily...

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Where does the Kaydua name and logo come from?

I am Sharon Acheampong, founder of the Kaydua Luxury Living Brand. Kaydua is a luxury lifestyle brand that creates quality high-end cosmetics and complementary accessories using key ingredients and resources sourced from Ghana and the rest of Africa. We create luxury in Africa, for the world. Our cosmetic creations are borne from the abundant natural resources found in Africa including shea seeds, coconut oil, argan oil, moringa plant, and many more. I founded Kaydua Luxury Living because I wanted to share the luxurious African ingredients and beauty rituals from my home with the world. Home for me is Ghana, in West Africa. However, my actual hometown is in the Eastern part of Ghana - this is where I would find my...

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